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What about you ?

I am a french comedian, Influencer on Instagram (@carole_palais), and Commercial Manager in a Digital Consulting Cabinet in Paris. A woman fascinated by the stage, the theater, the cinema, the fashion, the photo, the sport. Challenges and risks are a part of her daily life. I like putting myself in danger and not contenting myself with what happens to me. My creed it is always more and always farther. I like too much the self-mockery and get loose from clichés!

Your favorite country to travel ?

I really like Italy, especially the Pouilles area. As it’s near from France you can go last minute there for a week end, and it’s enough to be disconnected. In this country you can mix adventure and farniente.

Your perfect beach is ?

In Thailand, Karon Beach in Phuket, you can see it here🙂 You can notice that I wear Alma Da Onda swimwear 😉

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Describe your ideal vacation itinerary ?

A mix of Adventure and relaxing time to be totally immersed in the local culture in order to forget your daily life in Paris. Even I can organize some things before I leave, I like to discover some original spots and even to be surprised by risky situations 🙂 Abroad it’s so cool to loose time and to leave the travel lead you and not the opposite !

As french girls, what is your impression of Brazilian style ?

Brazilian style is related to a colorful and exuberant style. It’s a little dared ! « Les filles n’ont pas froid aux yeux”. My parents took one back for me from Copacabana. But, I confess you that I wear it very barely. I have not enough appropriated occasion to wear it easily.

What do you expect regarding swimsuits ?

My expectation regarding swimsuits:

  • Convenient
  • Original
  • Easy to be dry
  • Quality & resistant material
  • Long life of the swimsuit

What about Alma Da Onda ?

As the models are united, you can do a “mix and match”by combining a green top with a yellow bottom for the simples lines are enough to give an original style. Thanks to the high quality of the material you can keep the outfit for a long time. And the material is enough thick to give a well dressed aspect. According to me, Efficiency is in the simplicity 🙂

A day  in Paris with….you !

9:00 am
Start your morning with….Huge breakfast. It’s my favorite moment. It’s like the engine for me before starting my working day.

12:30 am
Your favorite spot:
Getting lunch at the Renoma Cafe near my office, or if it’s during the week end I like “les minimes” in Turenne Street in the Marais.

2:00 pm
On your way to…
Doing some shopping in the marais with some of my friends, after maybe I’m gonna take a coffee with a creator who U have met by Instagram, then take some pictures in Paris to fill my Blog.

6.00 pm
Doing sport in Kiwill , or if it’s a sunny day I like to do Yoga at home too.

8.00 pm
A drink at the Club Rayé (26 Rue Dussoubs, 75002 Paris)


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